Conscious filming is the way forward in these times

Creativity plays a major role in the way we make films and get it distributed
March 17, 2017

Conscious filming is the way forward in these times

These days it looks as though Hollywood has run out of ideas and are now focusing on franchises from renowned comic book heroes that most of us have read about when we were younger.The question I have always asked is how long will Hollywood continue to make these movies, without question a lot of money is been made when the focus of energy is solely on the marvel, DC universe and other comic book action hero character out there. Hollywood are really doing a good job of merging technology with creative story telling which makes these film mouth watering and very entertaining.

I still do strongly believe that fresher idea’s will come from consciousness films as we move into the future, technology is revolutionising the way we make films now so with exciting new┬áideas with a conscious look to it and with strong creative story telling there is so much that can be achieved. There have been a few films over the years that have been hugely successful like the Matrix which in my own opinion is one of the greatest films of all time. The story of the matrix is a very strong one talking about consciousness and been in a higher state of consciousness which is totally been unplugged from the system.

Another film which has a deep meaning to it which was also done by the Wachowski brother’s is cloud atlas which is a story that is so deep that if you are someone who doesn’t really think deep about life as a whole that film will confuse you, its a film to do with reincarnation, way too deep but very interesting how we return to earth as different people. Jupiter Ascending and V for Vendetta are also very interesting and conscious focused films of enlightment and I’m so proud that I’m a part of that film making process.


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