November 23, 2017
March 3, 2018


Have you noticed that the last lap of any race is where concentration is most important this is where every racer pushes to determine who has the metal strength to finish first. We have six scenes left to  finish the feature  film consciousness the excitement is still strong but we must ensure that when we finish we do it well and not slip up, as we move in the month of March it will be a challenge but we are confident that as we move forward and trust the universe everything will come together.

Its still been a challenge trying to find the right actors for the certain roles but we have been pushing, you cant afford to just lay there and not be creative and find ways to make things work, its important to ensure that whatever you do as a film maker you have to be well organised and do everything in our power to ensure that every opportunity of resource that you have is used to the maximum.

I mentioned before that its taken us about 4 years to get to this point and the reason why we are doing this is because we believe in the feature film and we also believe that this film will catapult us to work with more great film makers as we move into the future.As film makers we all have a story to tell and this film has alot of memories, great one’s and a few bad ones, personally i would say that each day i wake up remembering this film i feel honoured and inspired to carry on and get it done, people have come, been negative about it and moved on with their lives but we are still here getting stronger and stronger as we move together to achieve our common goal which is finish what we started and we will with a little bit of patience collectiveness of one thought  of unity and persistence we will get it done, till then have an amazing week.

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