March 3, 2018


I have come to notice that the last efforts been put  into whatever is seen as an ambitious project is so much of a challenge in itself. We shot a few scenes last week saturday to ensure all the bits and pieces of footage to ensure that we have everything in place and now we have still have 6 scenes left to shoot to complete the entire film, these are big scenes. One main challenge is the prosthetics. We are still looking for someone who can do the prosthetics for two actors which is a challenge in its self but we will get through it and ensure that the goal of getting these actors into prosthetics is done. We also have the 3 fight scenes, scenes where the fighting done for each shot  have to be well choreographed. and 3 other scenes where the actors will just act as normal.Its been so much of a challenge and we are still editing the other scenes the film itself is a 1 Hr 15 minute film which i’m confident we will hit as we edit all the footage we have.

We still have the scoring to do what’s important is that we are moving. The ultimate goal is to get the film out to the best film festivals out there mostly the cannes film festival it would be a dream come true and that is my number one goal and we are close to achieving that, we trust in the universe that this film will appeal to audiences around the world as a message of good will to make people understand that we are all special and unique and we have a responsibility to do everything in our power to love ourselves first and protect our planet.This is what this film represents a message of conscious elevation as human being realising that there is more to what we have been taught whether is based from religion or not.

We will continue to update the situation we are in as we film and i will do everything in my power to put videos on here for people to see so they can at least have a taste of what we are experiencing as independent film makers.

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