Never wait for Investors to fund your films make sacrifices if things get complicated.

Never run from the challenges in front of you they help us grow.
May 10, 2017
November 23, 2017

Never wait for Investors to fund your films make sacrifices if things get complicated.

The one thing I have learned as a film maker is not waiting for anyone to give you the green light to make your dreams come true, because you will be highly disappointed that isn’t to say that using investor money to do your films isn’t a good thing because it is, from experience I started on my first feature film consciousness in 2014 and after a bad start I took a break and during that break I was looking for investors to put money into my film so I can make my film but to my surprise it didn’t happen so I decided to put my own money into making it and I can say that I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far.

At this point of filming I have done 95% of the film I’m currently shooting, once its done if there are reshoots that needs to be done we will get them done and then focus our energy on the VFX, sound design and scoring, problem solved. It would have take me over a year to get things done but I got it done which is very important compared to wanting to raise funds which is I wouldn’t say is complicated but you need to have a base of  your own fans as well as your team  before you can really raise funds for any projects you are looking to film in the future.

I will say from experience in the past when I first wanted to raise money for one of my film Projects it was a complete failure and the reason being was because I didn’t have a strong team that had a strong fan base, neither did I have a strong fan base of people who follow my work, I logged my work on indiegogo and did everything to the letter T on the indiegogo website looking at tutorials believing that I would raise the funds I needed, to my surprise I got money from only 2 people but you could imagine if I had 500 people who are constantly engaging in my film projects I could have raised that money I needed quicker, well you live and you learn.

As time goes by and you evolve as a film maker you understand  the basics and apply the experiences you have gained over the number of years you have been doing what you do and know within yourself that with a great sense of patience and doing things properly you can do extraordinary things as a film maker and have a  lot of influence with the work you get out there to the world, all that is required is learning from mistakes but while we learn from mistakes and start to build, we should not wait for investors we needs to make sacrifices and continue to grow and build and eventually we will perfect what ever needs to be perfected and expand. I will be putting content where you will be seeing tested images through special effects put up shortly, till then peace and love.

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