Never run from the challenges in front of you they help us grow.

Is Technology disconnecting us from the humanistic elements when merged with films of today
April 5, 2017
Never wait for Investors to fund your films make sacrifices if things get complicated.
August 19, 2017

Never run from the challenges in front of you they help us grow.

If you are a film maker you already know that its not easy making a film especially if its an idea people are not in support of. Consciousness is the first feature film fabo films has shot and we are still filming putting the puzzles together. We have come a long way to getting to this point the one thing i will say is that we are making incredible progress. We started shooting this film in 2014, when we shot the first scenes there were a few complications with the shots we took the sound wasn’t good either it was a complete mess. We had alot of negative comments from people who saw it and said it can never work and that these kind of films are not made in these day and age.

Personally i refused to listen to the critics, i truly believed within myself that if the universe has inspired me to write something and create it there is a good reason for it and i’m honored to have the opportunity to do it.After a long break and focusing on other things. I kept getting the inspirational images ¬†of this film in my head to go ahead and do it and finish it, and so it July 2016 i decided that enough is enough i got my team together and here we are almost done doing at least 80% of the film and pushing to get the remaining 20% finished then do the scoring, sound design as well as VFX work. Believe it or not this film is self funded, personally i’m putting all my savings into it alot of sacrifices have been made but at the same time this whole situation is a story i will tell in the future we had a number of challenges with actors and money issues as well as location issues but we believed that if we kept pressing on we will get what we needed and now we have and we are about to cross the finishing line.

The dream of this film is to get it to the Cannes film festival and other renowned film festivals out there, the world needs to see it. It is through passion and love that this film was written with all the things happening in the world today i got to realize that humans have lost themselves and we are truly not in alignment with the universe, with everything going on it looks like there is no hope for the future, but with this film we wanted to talk about the basics which is the knowledge of self who are we and is the collective consciousness which unites us all bringing unity peace and prosperity a part of our reality, in my honest opinion we are not living in that reality but we can start today, its not too late.

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