Is Technology disconnecting us from the humanistic elements when merged with films of today

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March 17, 2017
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May 10, 2017

Is Technology disconnecting us from the humanistic elements when merged with films of today

I felt the need to talk about the importance of technology and also the disadvantages of technology if it is used too much in films today. I’m not too sure if any one reading this blog has watched  an animation movie called kings glaive:final Fantasy XV, if you haven’t seen it here is the link  i suggest you take a look and watch it, its magnificent. Looking at the technology used making the film its something i have been thinking about making my own animated movie which is titled the first son.

Here is the link to it, i’m currently writing the script for it and i will start working with developers to give me the exact same quality as shown in The Kings glaive. Going back to the Kings glaive animated movie it made me appreciate how technology has evolved over the years and also how technology is shaping the way we see films bringing excitement which makes you want to watch certain films over and over again. The most important question i want to ask as much technology is been merged with live interactions and live action in film over the next 10 to 20 years is will films purely be shown seeing character’s performing purely on technology or will the combination of both live and technological events continue to occur?

Personally nothing can be worse than taking the humanistic elements out of a film and replacing it with purely technology we can’t connect as an audience,even when i watch animated Movies and marvel at the brilliance technology brings there was still something missing watching the characters communicate and even touch each other it just didn’t feel natural to me, its only a matter of time till we know what the fate of film will be as move into the 21 st century of film making.

I still think that not all films should soley depend on technology in the future there is another animated film i would encourage you to watch its called star ship troopers:Invasion here is the link is another animated moive in which its technology can be appreciated and also gives a strong hint that we are close to ditching live performances and focuse solely on technology in films.

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