Creativity plays a major role in the way we make films and get it distributed

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March 1, 2017
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April 5, 2017

Creativity plays a major role in the way we make films and get it distributed

Any one looking at this blog will probably say with this title we know what he is going to be talking about, and you probably do but I just want to give my own take on this as I have spoken to a number film makers who just want to make films and sell it and not expand on an idea that catapults them to greater heights for them to work with the elites and eventually make their mark. It looks like  in the filming world aspiring film makers some if not most don’t possess a certain number of skills and qualities to really sell their films on an idea which can further be developed on. There are a number of important skills and qualties which I truly believe are vital to any film makers career especially within an ever so expanding world of film making where everything to do with film is ever so constant.Personally as a film maker I developed a number of skills as well as qualities which has helped me become a better enterpreur and a film maker, the first is

The Ability to sell an idea

As a film maker, passion and the strong desire to sell an idea which requires the skill of been able to communicate on all levels to investors, crew, studios executives and even actors is important. I personally have been lucky enough and gained experience doing these things. I have also worked in the world of sales for years now so I understand the science of the art of selling which came with time. George Lucas who created star wars talked about this is his book called the cinema of George Lucas, where he spoke about pitching his idea to the studio before star wars was green lit. He has done the same to all his film projects like THX 1138 and American Graffitti all but to name a few. Another skill required which is important to aspiring film makers is

The ability to Negotiate 

As a film maker whether aspiring or professional  to negotiate terms and contracts with the studios before a film is green lit is important but its not just to studios executives but potential buyers of you film and how they market and screen the film, film makers must be more than capable to negotiate and come to terms that will benefit both parties.

To inspire people with your idea for film or Television

We as film makers should inspire whoever it is that shows there interest in our films by making it relatable to the realities of people in the modern world as well as around the globe. We must study to show ourselves approved everywhere we go and as film makers be a better version of ourselves  giving the best quality of film production which we as film makers and movie lovers would appreciate.

To have the ability to get your films to only the best film festivals around the world and compete

we should as aspiring and professional film makers just shouldn’t make films for the fun of it, of course its important to have fun but we should be motivated to compete at the highest of levels with other studios and show that we are bankable and are very capable of helming any film we choose to shoot and been successful in our field of film making.

Use social media as a way of promoting our films to boost the films popularity

Technology gives us abundant opportunities to showcase our films and get a much broader audience around the world, every film maker should be capable of using social media to their advantage. A typical example is the paranormal film, I read an article that talked about the producer of Paranormal activity using social media to showcase the film and through social media it became a hug e success.

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